Tips for daily mindfulness


The following are some tips for practising mindfulness in our daily lives. As I have written here many times (and research bears it out),  I believe that the practice of mindfulness can be of great benefit not just to cancer patients  but to everyone, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in at any given moment in time.

  • When you wake in the morning, become aware of your body and how you are lying in the bed. Become aware of what is on your mind. Bring your attention to your breath and focus mindfully on your in breath and out breath for a couple of minutes. Exhale fully. 
  • Become aware of your body as you get out of bed. Notice your feet as you place them on the floor for the first step of your day. Be aware of how your body and mind feel when you move from lying down to sitting, to standing, to walking. 
  • Focus attention on your daily activities such as brushing your teeth, your hair, taking a shower, getting dressed, doing jobs around the house. Bring mindfulness to each activity. 
  • Throughout the day, take a few moments to bring your attention to your breathing. 
  • When eating, try to take a moment and connect with your food. Look at your food and realise how this was connected to something that nourished its growth, the sunlight, the rain, the earth, the process of growth. 
  • Bring awareness for a few moments each day to the five senses, sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. 
  • Before you sleep at night, take a couple of minutes and bring attention to your breathing.

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