Help Needed Again!


Still drowning in deadlines here, so I am calling on you my wonderful readers for some more help. I am giving a presentation about online patient communities at Mayo Clinic’s Healthcare Social Media Summit, in Brisbane, Australia.  I feel there has been so much written and said about this topic before, so I am looking for some fresh stories and perspectives to share. Can you help me?

If I use your quote or story, I’ll make sure to give credit and a link to your online profile. Can you answer the following questions? And/or can you share a link to a blog you have written on the topic?

  1. What’s your favorite form of online participation? Discussion forums, blogs, Facebook groups, tweet chats?
  2. When did you first join an online community? And what was the reason for doing so?
  3. What do you gain from interacting in an online community?
  4. Do you have any stories you’d like to share about how an online community has helped you?

Many thanks as always for your continued support. I am so grateful to you.