Clover, bee, and revery

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,

One clover, and a bee,

And revery.

The revery alone will do,

If bees are few.

Emily Dickinson

I am taking my time adding two more words to my three words to guide my journey  this year. This morning, while reading the following story by Terry Hershey, the second word came to me – mindful.

I once did a workshop where I asked the participants to describe life. One woman said, “Life is so. . .life is so. . .life is so. . .daily.” 

Yes. She’s right. That is the secret.

Here’s the deal: The miracle is that there need not be a miracle–just a slow drip of experience. Being mindful of small things. If there are truly no unsacred moments, then the sacred is infused into this moment. This conversation. This person. Even the smallest or most banal thing deserves our undivided attention.

Or, in the words of William Kittredge, “Moments when nothing happened. What sweet nothing.”

In other words, we don’t run from the moment.

We don’t suffocate the moment with stuff.

We don’t sanitize the moment with platitudes.

We sit. We listen. We look. We taste. We smell. We see.

Now this will be a challenge for me, but the more I read and hear about the immense value of mindfulness in everyday life, the more I am convinced that along with gratitude, it is the key to peace and good mental health.

Learn by little the desire for all things

which perhaps is not desire at all

but undying love which perhaps

is not love at all but gratitude

for the being of all things which

perhaps is not gratitude at all

but the maker’s joy in what is made,

the joy in which we come to rest.

Wendell Berry

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