A circle of friends

“Then, a circle of your friends, will defend the silver lining”

~John Mayer

As we have all read about Marie and this difficult time with her mother being so ill, we bloggesses sat in our respective far away corners of the world and felt helpless to help the woman who had done so much to help us. The process of losing a parent through terminal illness has so many layers of pain and grief, and we all both empathize and sympathize with what Marie is going through as she cares for her mom at this time. We know her journey is exhausting, and we all wanted to help in some way.

My own mom always said that when someone is sick or going through a hard time, you shouldn’t pester them by asking what you can do, but should just think of something and do it. And so we did. In a collaborative effort, the bloggesses have decided to submit guest posts and ideas to Marie during this trying time in her life; to defend the silver lining of this wonderful blog.

We hope this lightens at least one load for her, so she can take a break from doing what she does best for us, supporting us through our journeys, and do what we know she does best for her family, supporting them in their journey.

I encourage all bloggers to participate in this effort, sending her an idea, a motivational thought, a tidbit, or a full post…really anything that would lighten Marie’s load at this time.

After all, it is why we are here isn’t it? To lighten each other’s load, to make the journey, whatever it may be, a little easier because we are here.

Thank you Marie for lightening ours, now let us do the same for you.