Standing in the Gap


The only thing helping me cope right now, giving me the strength I need to keep going through all of this, is being able to turn to this blog, to write a little but most of all to read your comments. In the morning when I read them they give me comfort and strength to face the day ahead.

When I feel as if I am drowning in despair, Journeying Beyond is the life raft I reach out for.  I feel compelled to keep writing here, and the only thing I want to write about is my beloved mother and this profound experience of her dying. And yet, I don’t want readers to find nothing but pain and despair when they come here, which is why I am so grateful to Lauren Rockwell, who approached me a few days ago with this suggestion:

My momma always said, never ask what you can do but think of something and do it. So I am. I wondered how you would feel about me approaching all the bloggesses to each write a guest blog for you these next few weeks, for things to fill the space for somedays you just don’t have the time or gumption to post or look for material to post.

So, while I shall continue to write occasionally, I am handing over Journeying Beyond to this amazing community of blog writers, who are going to stand in the gap for me during these next few weeks. Being slightly obsessed with words, I looked up the definition of “standing in the gap” and found this meaning – “to take the place of a fallen defender or supporter”. I am aware too that the phrase is a Biblical one which comes from Ezekiel 22:30 where the Lord was looking for someone among the Israelites to stand in the gap of the wall, but “no one could be found.” But, I found someone, several somones, who are prepared to stand in the gap for me until I can stand and fight again another day. I am truly blessed.