Weekly Round-Up

girl_with_lassoTime for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and which I’ve wanted to share with you. Remember, if you have written or read a post recently which you would like me to share with readers, then please leave a comment below.

Our dear friend Terri is off on her adventures again, but things haven’t quite gone according to plan. Terri wonders what the lesson could be?

Someone who always has a lesson to teach us is Rachel and this week she has been reflecting on what she wishes for in 2012.

This post from a little c on those ubiquitous Facebook cut and paste and post on your status updates has resonated with many of you, judging from the amount of times I saw it reposted on Facebook.

And speaking of judging….Ann and Anne-Marie both have a bone to pick with those who do judge us and how we did/didn’t do this/that to cause/cure (delete as appropriate) our cancer.

Luckily, these kind of comments are not as common as the overwhelming support and compassion we do find in what Anne-Marie calls our tight community and Renn, in her latest wonderful post calls her “rubies” which leads me onto my next blog.

I absolutely loved this post from Craig McBreen on how blogging has changed his life. And I would love to hear if and how it has changed yours?

It’s wonderful to welcome Kim back to the blogosphere and I am certainly looking forward to her sharing  her faith, wisdom and compassion with us over the coming year in her blog.

I am excited for Debbie who is presenting a seminar entitled “STRAIGHT TALK  ABOUT BREAST CANCER SURVIVORSHIP: A discussion about the mind, body and attitude of survivorship.” This is such a big area of discussion, and in fact, the very reason I started Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer, to figure it out for myself. I am sure Debbie would appreciate if you shared your views on what survivorship means to you.

One of the questions many survivors face is what is the deeper meaning of my life after my cancer experience? I am still struggling with this question on my own journey beyond breast cancer but having Jackie’s latest post, I know that part of the answer is to banish all those shoulda, woulda, couldas!

Beth has been writing about body image after breast surgery – this is such a beautiful piece of writing, that I ached while reading it. Beth also reveals a hitherto-unknown (to me) talent for drawing. This same theme of body image and much more is echoed in the Double Whammied blog this week which has also prompted some really great comments from readers.

Phillipa is moving on with her latest post, as she recounts how even though cancer is still very much in the forefront of her mind, a recent experience has shown her how her mind and emotions are healing alongside her body.

Finally, this week Debbie’s latest post reminds us that recovery (and healing) is not a linear process, but there are many ups and downs along the journey.  She has written a searingly honest and moving post on her identity crisis and from reading the comments, many of you know just what she is writing about. This week, I want to finish with a quote from Debbie, which is just the lesson I need to learn myself.

So I continue the task of living this life. Of figuring out, finding my way. I’ll try to start with just today, just this moment. I can let go, breathe and be who I am, whomever that may be.

Marie xxx