Seasons Turned Upside Down

Hahndorf, South Australia

Hahndorf, South Australia

I’ve settled so easily and comfortably into my life down under that I’ve hardly thought to share anything of my days here. It’s coming to the end of Autumn now in Australia; the days are still warm and sunny but it does feel strange to think of Autumn occurring in the month of May. I am in for another season shift as I am traveling to the Northern Territory where the dry season means sunshine and higher temperatures. I’m excited to see more of Australia and to meet face-to-face one of our old blogging friends. Do you remember Liz of the Paw Paw Salad blog? I will be seeing her in Darwin next week and once again I marvel at the connections we’ve created through the blogosphere.

As I will be travelling interstate over the next few weeks, with limited internet access, normal blogging service will be temporarily halted.  So that means no weekly round-up until I am back at home base.

Take care of yourselves while I am gone.

With Love

Marie x