Intimate with change


I don’t normally advertise products that come my way, but I do make an exception for those that have made a difference in my life and those that I feel can offer genuine inspiration and benefits to you. 

Pasha Hogan is one of those inspirational women who makes a difference in the lives of others. Pasha has just produced Intimate with Change, a CD series is a trilogy that helps you navigate change between yourself and the unknown. Transforming not knowing into a deep intimacy with life. She accompanies you through change in a gentle and down to earth way that is accessible to everyone, even if you think you can’t meditate or you don’t like to!

The first in the series is the Softening the Gaze CD, a 70 minute talk and meditation which invites you into a softer relationship with yourself and your inner critic. Imagine how different your life could be if you changed your style of looking from a critical eye to a softened gaze? This CD also includes Intimate with fear,intended to help you learn how to demystify your fears and enter into a relationship with them, releasing their hold over you, enabling you to take the next step into life, and Just for Today Principles – affirmations reminding you to have a kinder and gentler relationship with yourself. 

Of course I am biased but I also love her CD cover with its timeless Irish scenery and an invocation from the late Irish poet, John O’Donohue:

“May your soul never be haunted by the ghost structures of old damage”

You can find out more about Pasha Hogan and listen to a sample of her new CD by visiting her website:, where the CD is also available for purchase.

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