Obligation of the cured


At the recent LiveStrong Global Cancer Summit held here in Dublin last month, Lance Armstrong spoke of the “the obligation of the cured” – the idea that those who survive cancer should help others do the same. When I first heard this spoken of, my heart sang at those words. This is precisely how I feel, although as I am fond of quoting throughout this blog, I call it the sister/brotherhood of cancer, after the Albert Schweitzer quote:

Whoever among us has learned through personal experience what pain and anxiety really are must help to ensure that those out there who are in … need obtain the same help that once came to (her). (She) no longer belongs to (herself) alone; (she)has become the (sister) of all who suffer

As part of what I believe to be my own personal obligation, I believe in educating myself about the latest research in cancer, keeping up to date with what is happening in the cancer community, promoting early detection and awareness and doing my part to keep cancer at the top of the political and media agenda.

So in this week as I get ready to celebrate my five year cancerversary, I would love to hear from other survivors on whether they too feel this sense of obligation? And if so, how do you manifest it in your lives and the lives of those you touch?