Happy Birthday Scorchy: Our hearts break all over again

This showed up on my Facebook news feed today – I am sure it showed up for many of you too.

My heart breaks all over again.

How do you feel when you get notifications like this one after the death of a loved one?

A few months ago Julie Frayn, the sister of the gorgeous Carolyn, who passed away in 2015, left this comment on a post I wrote prompted by a similar birthday reminder for Carolyn.

I have a question to ask. One I’ve grappled with for some time. A new perspective may help. I have considered removing Carolyn’s birth date from her FB profile. It is definitely jarring for it to pop up, maybe for me most, and maybe I’m being selfish in my idea to take it down. I wonder what you think.

My sincere apologies to Julie –  having promised her I would ask the community what you thought of this suggestion, it completely slipped my mind to do so. Thinking of Scorchy today, Julie’s question came back to me. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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