Weekly Round Up: New Year’s Day Edition

twitter_bc3adc0078.jpgWelcome to the first blog round-up of a new year.  

As 2016 drew to a close I asked you to share your favorite posts from the year. Thanks to all of you who did so. I’ve put them together in this Storify for you to read and enjoy again. And for the Twitterati among you, here’s a collection of your Twitter Moments.

Let’s turn now to what else has been happening in your world since we last checked in with each other on Christmas Day.

While Nancy reflects on the sadness and joy of the past year, Jen looks back on the “crazy, mixed-up, sweet, miraculous, dumpster fire of a year”  she had in 2016 and looks forward to more miracles in 2017.

Stacey is dancing into the new year!

In 2017, I will march, dance, waltz, crawl, ride, run, stumble and pirouette. I will cry, laugh, sigh, yell, sing and giggle. I will feel all the feels but I will be especially attuned to love – loving my husband, my children, my family, my friends, my community and… wait for it… myself.

I am so excited to see a new post from Renn and to find out what’s been happening in her world this past year.

Caroline offers her own unique take on New Year’s Resolutions.

Chris shares his list for living with us.

I love that Philippa has stayed faithful to something we started here in the blogosphere a few years ago – choosing three words to guide the year ahead. Philippa writes about her three-word mantra for 2017 as she looks back on a year that has been full of changes and new adventures.

Katy starts the new year in a new home.

Liz is frustrated at her career being kept in a holding pattern now that her treatment is over.

An incredibly moving and beautiful reflection on the true meaning of Christmas written by Rebecca.

Many of you reflected on not just personal losses this year, but the many artists we lost too and the legacy they leave behind. In Kathi‘s words:

The world we humans have made is full of pain and misery and violence and hatred. But the people we have lost this year demonstrated that it is also full of art and music and talent and humor and goodness. And that those things may not fix everything, but they matter. We have to believe that they matter, and never let anyone talk us out of that belief.

And in writing about the death of Carrie Fisher, Wendi shares a quote by Fisher, one which I hadn’t heard before, but it’s one I think can sum up this wonderful blogging community of ours:

I think I do overshare. It’s my way of trying to understand myself. … It creates community when you talk about private things

Until next week,

Keep on sharing!

Yours with love

Marie xxx