Find My Vein!


I came across a post on iMedical Apps which reviews  an app that was recently released in the medical section of the Apple App Store called VeinSeek.  The app, reviewed by Iltifat Husain, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of Mobile App curriculum at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, uses live video processing to “find your veins”.

Dr Husain describes the app in his review as follows:

The VeinSeek app is interesting in that it doesn’t need any attachments or special camera. It takes images from your iPhone camera’s red and green channels, converts them to black and white, and then removes brightness values of the green image from the brightness values of the red image.

Devices that help find veins have been used for some time – I wrote about this one last year.  Disappointingly, Dr Husain points out that the Vein Seek’s developers make it clear the app is not intended for use in the medical setting even though it’s in the medical section of the app store. “At this stage”, he says, “VeinSeek is just a novelty and couldn’t be used on patients.”

Currently VeinSeek is free to download. Are you tempted to give it a try? I know I am. Let me know your thoughts.