Facebook Memories: What Are Your Best Moments?


Facebook is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and to mark the event users can share a video of their best moments, created by Facebook. I was surprised to find how moving this turned out to be. Facebook detractors will say that it is a false representation of our lives – there has even been research done that has shown that looking at people’s photographs on Facebook can make you envious and less satisfied with your own life. I chose to see it another way. I love to travel alongside my friends when they post travel pictures on the site; to see what the weather is like; how they spend the holidays; who their families and their pets are. We tend to post pictures when we are at our happiest – enjoying a meet up with a friend, spending time with family, eating something delicious, sharing a sunset or beautiful scenery. It is good to be reminded that these moments of happiness are our lives too.  As someone commented on one friend’s video: “SO much happiness in these little one minute snippets of our lives”.


It is also interesting to see a speeded – up version of your life since you joined. I joined in 2007 and since that date, my Facebook moments captured on the video included getting married (there was a lump in my throat as I caught sight of my mother in one of the wedding day pictures), celebrating my 40th birthday, winning the Irish Blog Awards, travelling and meeting virtual friends in real life.


How about you? Are you on Facebook? Have you shared your video? What memories has it brought back for you?