Depressed? Try Watching A Movie


If you are in the full blown depths of depression, then perhaps you think there is nothing that can make you feel better. I get that. I’ve been there. The problem with depression is that when you are feeling down, your energy and motivation are low, so attempting to do something to make yourself feel better is a monumental task. One of the easiest things you could do to try to shift your mood into a higher gear is to watch a favorite movie.

Therese Borchard, a blogger who writes honestly about her own struggles with depression, believes that “watching the right movie has an antidepressant effect, as it relieves the brain of the obsessive, ruminating, self-defeating loop for two consecutive hours. The brain can readjust a little during those 120 minutes and is a bit kinder when the film is over.” She lists some of her favorite movies to combat depression, from The Sound Of Music, to It’s A Wonderful Life. My own feel-good movie choice is O Brother, Where Art Thou – apart from George Clooney being very easy on the eye, the soundtrack uplifts me and the movie always makes me laugh out loud. What movies would you recommend to help boost your mood?