Always Hope – Dedicated To The Memory of Lori

I am so deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Lori Hope, author of  Help Me Live: 20 Things People With Cancer Want You to Know. I first met Lori two years ago online and was struck immediately by her warmth, compassion and intelligence Because of our global time differences, we often chatted online as my day was beginning and hers was ending about our different lives, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

In the last post she wrote for her blog, What Helps, What Hurts, What Heals, Lori wrote:

I have not given up on life or living or surviving. Much more on this to come. I have several posts I’ve been wanting to write but simply have not been awake for! Have been more miserable than ever, but have many hopeful stories and lessons I think you’ll really appreciate. So hang in there with me, please! Know if I don’t respond it’s because I can’t, but that I read every single comment and respond in my heart, mind, and soul – and body, as I laugh and cry!

Always hope,

A light has gone out in this world with her passing but I hope her legacy of hope will live on for all of us.