*Featured Poem* Nine Squares

Nine Squares is the title of a poem by Liz, author of the Paw Paw Salad blog, and when I read it today, I just had to share it with you.  This poem speaks volumes…


Nine Squares

In morning breeze bandanas dance

Upon my washing line

Bright squares of cloth against blue sky

The pieces number nine.

Discovered, bought and sent to me

By mother, cousin, friend

They have been lying in my drawer

My treatment at an end.

Another woman needs them now

Though she has not met me

A friend of hers is friend of mine

And asked if they were free.

So sorry she has need for them

I’m glad to make the gift

I hope that in tough times ahead

They give her heart a lift.

Sun-warmed and dry, I take them down

And as each one I fold

I think: If I had magic powers

What blessings would they hold?

The first of them contains a wish

For doctors smart and kind

And nurses who bring calm and cheer

While veins they quickly find.

Two shields her from the toxins’ power

Keeps side-effects at bay

And lets her eat the food she loves

For strength along the way.

The third square hides a bunch of flowers

Some DVD box sets

Stacked freezer meals, a movie pass –

The treats I hope she gets.

The fourth reveals a gentle path

Well-blessed with birds and trees

And time for walks where she draws strength

From sunshine and the breeze.

Cloth number five seems empty, but

Its stillness is its gift

Space of her own when she needs peace

Through troubled thoughts to sift.

Cloth six is an enchanted cloak

Its warmth she can keep near

When all seems bleak its soft embrace

Will bring relief from fear.

Unfolding Seven blinds one as

Light bursts into the room

Bright rays of hope to bask in when

Her days seem filled with gloom.

Bandana eight falls open as

Within it shoulders shove

It’s crammed with friends and family who

Bring laughter, help and love.

Cloth nine never got ironed, lost

In joyful family strife

This bright and crumpled headscarf holds

Long, healthy, vibrant life.