Mindful Monday

Although the cold front which is bringing snow to parts of Europe hasn’t hit this little corner of Ireland yet, I still identify with this status update which I spotted on Facebook

Just when we felt that spring had arrived early we find ourselves back in winter. So it can be with our own personal journey. Just when we feel that we can begin to see the growth within ourselves and feel that boost to our confidence and hope that further growth is on its way and progress is finally being made and changes are occurring, we may find ourselves back, almost at the beginning. It may be a relapse to addictive behaviours, self harming behaviours, or an absence of the light that had been shining within and a plunging back into our own winter. At these times, it is important to be mindful of ourselves, to accept that today brings snow, but to trust that spring will come again. We can nurture ourselves in this wintery time and take support from those we trust to help us to start sending out new shoots again.

Acceptance, Surrender, Trust.