On meeting my imaginary friend

Someone posted this cartoon on Facebook this week and it made me smile. I’ve often heard the argument that Facebook friends, if not quite imaginary, are the next best thing to it. I’ve written here before of what a delight it has been to meet these (imaginary) friends in reality and how much I look forward to meeting more in the future. (I just love what Lani has to say about taking online friendships offline “It’s like twitter allows me to preview friends.”)

I met another of my Facebook friends today for coffee and I want to introduce you to her. Her name is Marian and she is the author of Dairy Free and Spelt Living . It was really interesting to hear Marian’s story and her journey to living dairy and wheat free. I have a copy of her latest cook book and while I don’t have any food intolerance, I am always on the look-out for healthier recipe ideas.

Next month, I shall be interviewing Marian for Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer, and she has promised to stop by to answer your questions on living dairy and wheat free. So if you have a dairy or wheat intolerance, or you are just interested in learning more about eating a healthier diet, then do keep an eye out for Marian’s interview. Oh and did I mention, she will be giving away a copy of her latest book, Dairy Free and Spelt Living too!

And if you can’t wait until next month, then why not check out Marian’s blog Spelt for Choice, where you will find lots of great recipes and nutritional tips for living a healthier lifestyle.