Narative Nipple

Narrative Nipple is a new online literary community which was launched last week by Catherine Brunelle (who you may recognise from her weekly round up appearances as Bumpyboobs). In today’s guest post, Catherine tell us what led her to embark on this new project.

Blogging is awesome – and I think everyone visiting this site can agree that through blogs, our online breast cancer fighting/recovering/discovering community has a voice. Whether it’s the newly diagnosed who are stepping online, or metastatic warriors who push for better research, or those who have come through the fire and are now learning about life post-cancer. Blogging is great because it’s life writing that builds community.

But you know what’s also great? Expressive expression. I swear by it and heck, it helped me survive treatment. There were times (often alone in bed) when my head would be running circles, and the only way to calm down was to draw, write a poem, or doodle. It was a different type of coping – very personal, very quiet, very powerful.

And then one day, I had an Oprah flavoured ‘ah ha’ moment while trying to shower and not get my picc line wet. My mind was juggling treatment schedules, keeping my arm (wrapped in plastic wrap) elevated, the possibility of working that week, what blog I would write, what picture I would draw  (with all that thinking, it’s a wonder I got clean) when suddenly BAM! right into my mind, clearing away the clutter landed Narrative Nipple.

Hey, I said to myself, wouldn’t it be great if people had a place to both gather and share their stories? Their creative bursts? Their rants, their poems, their fears, their anger, their hope, their joy? Wouldn’t that offer a unique type of encouragement and insight?

Yes, I replied while soaping my hair. I think that would be great.

And you know what – looking at the collection of fabulous works posted (psst! We’re always accepting new submissions, so please don’t be shy.), from the pre-diagnosis fear, the inside jokes of hospital visits, the yearly reminders of cancer, to the dark fears of lives being taken, it’s shaping up to become a special place. Combining online community with a literary theme takes a side-step from the traditional blog, and opens up a different door on how breast cancer impacts lives.  Everyone is welcome to submit – breast cancer is not a requirement, but yes, it is a breast cancer themed e-zine. (But you won’t be chocked with ribbons here, or buckets of pink, though we do have a bit of that colour, cause it looks great  against black.)

So welcome to my shower-inspired idea. It’s been a few months in the making, but Narrative Nipple has arrived. Please explore, express, review, rant, release, and pass on the site to friends. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Our doors are open, and the page is live.  (Wohoo!)


And a huge thanks to Marie for letting me guest blog today!