Far from home…

Carmelite Church in Valetta

As you know I travelled to Malta last week to attend the 10th Europa Donna Pan European Conference. Valetta, where we are staying, is a beautiful city with stunning architecture and I had been looking forward to this break in the sunshine to recharge my batteries. I wasn’t quite able to shake off the anxiety and worry due to my mother’s illness, but the fact that I was giving a workshop presentation at the conference helped to focus my mind in a different direction.

On Friday evening, just before everyone gathered for the conference dinner, I called home to check on my parents. My Dad was upset when I called – he said that my Mum had fallen and was very confused and drowsy. He said he would wait until the next day and see how she was then. I couldn’t face the dinner and spent the evening fretting and worrying. Next day was the start of the conference and I attended some of the sessions, inbetween checking on my parents, and giving my own talk. On Sunday I got a text from one of my brothers to say that Mum had been taken to the hospital by ambulance. The doctors say she has had a stroke. She also has swelling on the brain and a suspected brain tumor and  they are planning on operating on her tomorrow.   I feel so far from home right now…

Valetta is full of the most stunning churches and cathedrals and I have spent today walking through the city and visiting these churches to pray for my mother’s healing and comfort and strength for my father. Returning to the hotel, I logged onto my email and read the latest newsletter from life coach Cheryl Richardson. I couldn’t believe it when I started to read the story she told of being away on her book tour in London and receiving a phone call late at night from her sister to say that their mother had been rushed to hospital and they had no idea what was wrong with her.

Instead of spiralling into worry and anxiety, Cheryl chose to shift her thinking with some affirmations:

My mom is peaceful and calm.

Every hand that touches her is a healing hand.

My sisters and brothers feel safe and in charge.

My dad knows all is well and feels secure and confident.

I trust Life to take care of my family and me.

The doctors are surprised by how quickly mom recovers.

Our family is so grateful for her swift and complete healing.

And so on.  I conjured up every possible, positive outcome and used these statements to calm myself down while I tried to rest.  Within two hours I received a text from my sister letting me know that the doctors had identified the issue and mom was now stable and on the mend.

Whether your concern is small or dire, don’t fuel your fear by investing in worrisome thoughts.  It does no one any good.  Do your best to feel good (and to turn the situation around) by focusing on the outcome you desire.  Remember, the more you worry, the more you’ll find to worry about.  Break the spell and send your mind (and your life) in a better, more hopeful and helpful direction.

I am not a big fan of affirmations, but I am desperate enough for a good outcome to put Cheryl’s advice to the test. So while I shift my thinking right now, I ask you please to send some healing light to this situation for my Mum and our family.