Motivation Monday

Find Your Secret Garden

In the Middle Ages, secret gardens in Europe became refuges from the chaos, wars and disease.

These secret gardens were places for healing and spiritual communion where fragile flowers, medicinal herbs and trees grew.

They symbolize the sacred, protected garden of paradise within us.

Rediscover and explore your secret garden. Find a corner where you can retreat into yourself for a few minutes.

Imagine walking in your inner secret garden and find the serenity and peace that are your true nature. Note how this place feels and what you find there. Manifest this in some way in your life.

Plant a flower in your garden. Get some herbs for the kitchen or draw or collage an image from your secret garden to remind you of this serene place during the day.

Adapted from Debra Moffitt:  Awake in the World: 108 Ways to Live a Divinely Inspired Life 

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