Poetry Friday

Flowering Front Lawn. Picture courtesy of JanHasak.com

Now How Does Your Garden Grow
Digging deeper
In rich earth
Planted seedlings
Reach to birth
April blossoms
Sprout anew
Tulips risen
Phlox debut
Summer melons
Juicy sweet
Picked from vine
Fed by peat
Foliage tumbles
Mulch to feed
Broken branches
Rakes pay heed
Windswept myrtles
Lone and stark
Drifting snowflakes
Daytimes dark
Birds returning
Buds emerge
Dogwoods dancing
Nature’s splurge
Lifelong seasons
Ebb and flow
Grandson cooing

Today’s poem with kind permission by Jan Hasak, author of Mourning Has Broken: Reflections on Surviving Cancer and The Pebble Path: Returning Home from a Forest of Shadows. Learn more about Jan at JanHasak.com.