Death Of Susan Jeffers

I only heard today that Susan Jeffers, best-selling author has died. Here is the official statement of her death.

We are very sad to inform you that Susan died in the early hours of Saturday, October, 27th. She had been ill with a rare form of cancer called cancer of unknown primary (CUP) for over three years. She died peacefully and without pain, with her immediate family by her bedside.

After many rejections from publishers and agents, her most popular work Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway was published in 1987, and became one of the biggest selling self-help books of all time.

She wrote about her breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy, but hadn’t made her metastatic cancer common knowledge.  Her husband, Mark Shelmerdine described metastatic cancer, as devastating for families and care-givers due to the uncertainty it caused through a long period of illness.

If Susan’s work had an influence on your life, you might like to  contribute to her memorial page.