Snapshot of other lives

So I started this whole thing off with my bright idea about sharing something of who we are when we aren’t discussing cancer. Part of my reasoning was that we know such intimate things about each other, and sometimes surprisingly little about the “ordinary” details of our lives…like I never knew that Cancer Culture Chronicles is an Aussie – how did I not know that?!  AND that she once kept a pet goat called Cookie.

ChemoBabe is a professor of mathematics education, married her high school sweetheart and loves the sound of the cello. The Accidental Amazon was almost a rock star in another life!

I love the fact that Luann has lived in Germany and Japan and that Uneasy Pink once drove all night to tour Graceland and then drove straight back to the bar with a shotglass (7 hrs each way)!

I first met Jackie online when she shared a poem for my Poetry Friday slot and now she reveals that two of her poems are going to be in a forthcoming anthology of Nebraska women poets called The Untidy Season – go Jackie!

This is just a small snapshot of our other lives and I am looking forward to learning so much more about all my favourite bloggesses. I hope you will share in this fun exercise and to give you all lots of time to do this (for I know that your other lives keep you busy!) I will leave things open for the month of June to allow you enough time to blog about it.

It’s been fun to uncover little glimpses of other lives..can’t wait to uncover more…