My other life

I touched on this a little bit in last week’s Weekly Round-Up by featuring Sarah’s puffins story and my own starling post, as a little reminder that we are so much more than our diagnosis and we have so much more going for us in our lives than cancer. Then serendipitously I read this post on the Accidental Amazon blog and my blog radar went off.

So I am thinking…wouldn’t it be great to learn more about our lives outside the BC blogosphere? Who are you when you aren’t writing about breast cancer? What brings you alive? I know a little about some of my blog sistahs, but I want to know more. So..why not join me in either writing a blog post on your own blog entitled “My Other Life” and then leaving the link to it in the comments below, or  just leave a comment anyway. If you are tweeting your story use the hashtag #myotherlife.

Then I will have a special round up next week with all your posts and comments.

What do you think? Are you up for it?