Can you help this reader?

A reader recently left a comment on the blog on the post Understanding A Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

Hello. I have had a lump in my left breast for almost 4 months now. It didn’t grow or bother me until about 3 weeks ago. Since then it has doubled in size and another lump has formed in between my breast and armpit. I do not have insurance and have been to several ER’s that have literally told me it’s not an emergency and to see a reg doc. like I said I have no insurance and am at a loss. Can anyone give me some advice? I am very terrified and would appreciate any help. Thank you.

As I am not familiar with the US health system and therefore not sure how best to answer her comment, I am appealing to US readers to provide some advice to this distressed lady. Please leave your comments below and I will pass them on.