Weekly Round Up

girl_with_lassoWell, life carries on. I have gone back into some semblance of a routine this week, going back to work,  in-between hospital visits. I have also been catching up on your blogs and your emails and your comments and tweets and once again, it is wonderful to be connected to such a strong support network.

This week, thanks to her comment on my mother’s day post, I have come across a new blog (new to me that is). Mourning Has Broken – Sharing Reflections on Surviving Breast Cancer is written by Jan Hasak, motivational speaker, patient-advocate, blogger and author.

Sighle’s new blog Yoga for Cancer is designed to gently encourage you in a daily practise of yoga. This week Sighle has been addressing the issue of stiff joints and brittle nails due to chemo.

Another terrific post in After Five Years on chemo-brain and the psychological aftermath of cancer treatment and  writing in praise of the breast cancer sisterhood, Katie’s post in Uneasy Pink is a testament to the power of an online support community.

I love Jacinta’s pics of her hair growing back which she has posted on her blog. She writes ” I know I’ve a long way to go yet but I’m delighted!!” Next, the chemo curl Jacinta 😉 

And speaking of hair, Chemobabe is sporting a gorgeous new cut and Nancy is also writing about hair in her blog this week.

Finally, Kim has written a wonderfully uplifting post on courage in her blog this week,  Terri has been writing about gratitude on her blog A Fresh Chapter and Debbie has been reflecting on what nourishes our souls.

Happy reading everyone.

Until next week…

Yours in health

Marie xxx