Choose empowerment

In order to heal, you must commit yourself to the possibility of living free of fear, anxiety, anger, pain and illness. No matter how difficult your situation, you must decide inwardly that you want to and will head in the direction of what is empowering for you.

Just as a sailor must steer his boat toward his destination by establishing a firm grip on the rudder of his boat, so too you must decide that instead of focusing your attention on what you fear or dislike, or on the pain you feel, you will focus your attention on moving toward what you want. You must have a goal that inspires you, a North Star that guides you.

And just as the sailor recognizes that he will encounter contrary winds that he has to deal with in order to get where he wants to go, you also must know that when you feel fear, anger, disappointment, pain and so on, that does not mean you are defeated.

It means you are being challenged to get clearer in your determination to follow your unique path in life, the path of freedom from fear and pain. This challenge of committing to a path of empowerment and of finding what tools will help you get there will confront you in different forms throughout your life, because life is a school whose lesson is empowerment, and you are meant to learn that lesson.

Ingrid Bacci