Reflections on my six year cancerversary

September 29th 2004. That day is etched on my memory. The butterflies in my stomach, the conflicting emotions, as I waited for my surgery. A week earlier I had been hit by the metaphorical juggernaut of those words “you’ve got cancer” and now here I was dressed in my surgical gown saying goodbye to my right breast. Was life about to change forever?

Fast forward six years and here I am quietly celebrating the fact that, well…here -I-am. Earlier I re-read the reflection I wrote this day last year and its celebratory tone, which is lacking this year. Today my reflections are tinged with sadness and loss.I am still grieving the baby I lost in August and I am also mourning the passing of Christine. As I reflect on all of this, I am reminded once again of the rollercoaster journey of emotions – the ups and downs, not just of cancer, but of life.