Support Breast Health Day

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European Breast Health Day takes place on 15th October and women are being urged to do do something active to mark the day.

You can do this by organising an “Exercise Event” in your area on 15th October. Now don’t worry this is not another fundraising event! It is instead an awareness-raising event, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity on breast health, something I have written of often on this blog.

Europa Donna Ireland – the Irish Breast Campaign  (EDI) is inviting women and groups throughout Ireland to organise an awareness raising event involving some form of enjoyable physical activity on 15th October. Walking is one of the simplest and easiest to organise but any physical activity – cycling, hiking, swimming – will help get the message across that exercise is fun and good for you too!  Maybe you belong to a gym or club that would like to take part or just a group of friends, neighbours, co-workers. If you are interested, EDI can assist with posters, promotional leaflets, getting publicity, etc. but you will need to contact EDI as soon as possible at if you are planning to organise an event.

For those who are living, working in Dublin, there will be a walk around St Stephen’s Green, which is the main event I will be taking part in. It would also be a great opportunity for me to meet with some of you on the day!

Remember this is not about fundraising, but about raising awareness and having some fun on the day. Go on, give it a whirl. Be active for your breast health and the health of those you love.

To get an idea of the kind of events being organised across Ireland, please see the EDI website for more details.

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