Laura Linney taking on the “C” word


First we had the “L word”….now comes the “C word” on TV. According to Showtime sources, actress Laura Linney, an actress I always enjoy watching, is to star in a “dark comedy about cancer”.

“Cancer is not usually the subject of half-hour comedy, but Laura saw what we did in this complex show: a woman who gets a wake-up call that causes her to shake up her life and family,” Showtime entertainment president Robert Greenblatt said. “She will no doubt make this character both heartbreaking and disarmingly funny.”

Reading some of the comments online, I have found that a lot of people cannot see what could be so funny about cancer, but of course, there is  humor in many seemingly dark situations in life. I have come across some wonderful blogs posting humorously about cancer. They are a reflection of the personality of the writer – cancer hasn’t changed their personality or robbed them of their gift of humor. Cancer can rob us of so much but we don’t need to let it rob us of our identity….or our sense of humor.

So, how about you? Did you have any funny incidents happen to you while being treated for cancer? Come on and make us smile today with your stories 🙂