Write a letter to cancer


If you could write a letter to your cancer, what would you say? What words would spill onto the page, words of sadness? anger? despair? or hope? gratitude?

I believe that writing is a wonderful therapy, getting your thoughts down on paper has power, power to heal, to makes sense of any experience you are going through.  So if you have been toying with the idea of writing about your cancer experience, or you are already in the habit of writing, here is an opportunity to do just that and benefit the American Cancer Society in the process.

Varian Medical Systems have teamed up with the American Cancer Society in a letter campaign. Patients around the country, their families and friends have been writing letters to cancer. Many have discovered that the simple act of putting their thoughts into words can be a powerful, positive experience. For every letter that appears on the website, Varian will donate $10 to  the American Cancer Society up to $100,000.

So go on, what are you waiting for? Write a letter to cancer today, and feel the power of seeing your words on the screen, allow others to share your experience and do it all, knowing you are benefitting a good cause.

For more information and to read the letters click here

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