Jade Goody: The Blog Debate Continues

Jade Goody  – the debate continues. So many people blogging on Jade this past week.

Tom Leonard in the Telegraph tells us that America just doesn’t get this Jade Goody thing , letting us  know that the debate has gone transatlantic

Mark Borowski elevates the debate to art, in his post, Jade Goody and the Art of Dying:

“Dying is an art,” wrote Sylvia Plath, in her poem Lady Lazarus, and the very public final weeks of Jade Goody are reinforcing Plath’s point remarkably well.

Irish Blogs.ie also has many bloggers joining in the debate 

Niall O’ Loughlin has posted a caricature of Jade and writes that “love her or loathe her, you’d have to be heartless not to feel for this woman”.

Leon at Reverb Studios Blog, asks “is it right that we should all be part of a strangers TV death or should Jade keep to herself in her final days?”

Seamus Whelehan, despite some understandable concerns about  the voyeuristic element of the public’s fascination with Jade,  nevertheless commends her as  “a brave girl facing death full on and not fighting it but using her public profile to highlight CANCER and how desperately a cure is needed”

Finally Clare Herbert in her post The Goody Factor writes a well balanced piece and reminds us all to visit ” the cervical cancer screening site, and making an appointment for you or a female friend or relative.”