Weekly Round-Up

Time for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and that I’ve wanted to share with you. Don’t forget that if you have written a post that you would like readers to see, just leave a comment below.

“Seasons bring changes,” writes Terri this week, drawing comparisons with the arrival of autumn and with breast reconstruction transitions and changes.

Autumn also inspires Johanna‘s latest update and Philippa‘s gorgeous reflection.

The second of Shine Cancer‘s trio of menopause episodes, discuss hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Rod shares Mara’s story of inflammatory breast cancer and her quote “I like to let people know that instead of thinking you are dying of cancer, you are living with cancer,” struck me powerfully when reading it.

The SBC blog offers five tips for managing the financial stress of cancer.

Should we increase cancer screening? asks Chris in his latest post.

In a similar way that we know breast cancer is not just an older woman’s disease, Gogs reminds us that prostate cancer is not only an old man’s disease.

Abigail discusses what the word “coping” really means and how everyone copes differently.   

Cathy offers practical tips and advice for shifting post-treatment weight gain.

Barbara asks us to reach out and show we care in her latest post.

Sarah shares her love of cherry blossoms.

Nancy is celebrating 12 years of blogging with a giveaway.

Connie takes us on a trip to Scotland and Ireland.

Jennifer reflects on how the size of cancer doesn’t equal the size of our support needs.

In Cure Today, Chelsey writes about the feeling of not being done with cancer. See also Megsie’s musing on the complex feelings that come with “surviving” cancer. 

Finally this week, another writing prompt for those in need of a creative nudge.

Until next week,

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