Weekly Round Up

Time for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and that I’ve wanted to share with you. Don’t forget that if you have written a post that you would like readers to see, just leave a comment below.

Are online friendships real? That’s the question posed by Nancy this week as she reflects on how online interaction “has been a beacon in the darkness that is cancer.”

What does it mean when cancer shows progression? And how do we know when that happens? The Our MBC Life team gets the lowdown from Dr Stephanie Graff.

Abigail questions how truly patient-centric the hospital system is.

An intriguing question from Terri this week – can we drive change in breast sensation through webinar attendance?

Barbara‘s latest post focuses on overcoming the destructive force of worrying.

Cathy shares tips on how to keep your fitness edge as you age.

Sheri writes about the benefits of joined-up thinking and not letting our pain go to waste.

Sue has been musing on the many parallels between the government’s response to COVID and my own cancer experience.

Leigh provides a helpful list of lobular breast cancer organizations and funds.

Finally this week, Chelsey has introduced me to a new term in the cancer world – “grief tourists” – as she describes how after going public with her cancer diagnosis, she was met with an onslaught of grief tourists who may not have been interested in the harsh realities of cancer. While I may not have heard the term before this week, I’m certainly familiar with the concept!

Until next week,

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