Weekly Round-Up

Time for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and that I’ve wanted to share with you. Don’t forget that if you have written a post that you would like readers to see, just leave a comment below.

How does one do things right at the end of life? This question forms the heart of OurMBCLife‘s latest podcast episode with hospice care experts and a birth, death, and grief doula.

If you’re contemplating undergoing DIEP flap surgery as your breast reconstruction choice, or if you’ve already completed phase 1 of DIEP flap surgery, you might be mulling over what to do about phase 2, or wondering if it’s needed at all, then you won’t want to miss Nancy‘s post on the topic. 

A story on Shine Cancer Support about family estrangement and cancer treatment. “If you’re one of those people looking at the close, supportive families at the hospital and feeling like the odd one out, you are not alone.”

It’s Season 2 of Terri’s Diep C Journey wonderful podcast series and for Episode 1 her guest is Dr. Joe Dusseldorp an internationally trained microsurgeon, and a TEDx Talks presenter on personalizing medicine and how technology is making the incurable curable.

Abigail shares how one of the scariest side effects of ongoing cancer treatment, for her is cognitive issues. She touches on how it can be sometimes difficult to separate ‘normal’ cognitive impairment associated with ageing and the effects of cancer-related.

Check out Rod‘s interview with Breast Friends Cancer Support on his experience of being both a breast and prostate cancer survivor. 

Barbara writes this week about being true to herself and living life on her terms.

Jennifer has some personal recommendations for books that have helped her cope better with strong emotions. 

Connie looks back over 300 posts that have spanned almost 5 years of blogging. 

JoAnn is celebrating being back on the water with her ROW team.

Tara shares her coping technique for living with MBC.

Chris presents some alternative views to cancer treatment in his latest post. 

Sending healing thoughts Audrey‘s way as she recovers from her latest surgery.

Finally this week, I’ve been sharing Sarah‘s delightful posts on 100 Things She Loves, and trying to write my own posts. Having read her reflection this week, an excerpt from which I included below, on what she is gaining from this exercise has helped motivate me to spend more time writing my own posts.   

Over the last couple of years, I’ve slipped into the pattern of thinking of myself as unlucky. I’ve struggled to find goals. I’ve felt anxious and afraid. To see my life as a positive thing has been so precious, so important. I’m grateful that I’ve given myself that opportunity.

Until next week,

Yours with much love always

Marie xxx