Weekly Round-Up: The World Storytelling Edition

Time for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and which I’ve wanted to share with you. Don’t forget if you have written a post which you would like readers to see, just leave a comment below.

Today is World Storytelling Day.

Cancer takes so much from us, not just our breasts and our hair –  but indeed the very story of how our lives were meant to be. When we become ill and that story that has previously guided our lives is taken from us, we need to find a new story.  

Stories help bridge what sociologist, Arthur Frank, in his book The Wounded Storyteller,  calls “narrative wreckage” – the point at which our old life plot is no longer valid, and we need a new story to continue life’s journey. Frank believes that seriously ill people are wounded not just in body but in voice and that we need to become storytellers in order to recover the voices that illness takes away.

This community which meets each Sunday here is a very special community of storytellers.

Each story shared is one of many strands, which weaved together become a narrative web for our collective experience.

Our stories help us access the hidden places within our souls that are wellsprings of healing.  We tell our stories in order to heal; in listening to the stories of how others have walked their path, our own journey of discovery and healing can be enriched.

So let’s listen to some stories now starting with the intriguingly titled Wabbit and Crabbit from Audrey. and a tale of expectations, both great and ordinary from the talented pen of Philippa. 

Next, we travel across the water from Scotland to the USA for a tale of cultivation from the consummate storyteller Connie .

Nancy is marking time, reflecting on another year’s passing since her mother’s death from metastic breast cancer. 

Terri too is marking time – seven years since she first launched her successful blog, Diep C Journey, which has grown into a community and expanded to a podcast series. Congratulations Terri on the fruits of your hard work.

Barbara tells a story of her joy in living and working with honor.

Maxine shares her joy in creating art and Carolyn has a delightful new blog – one dedicated to things that bring her joy, starting with growing roses.

JoAnn reflects back on two years of virtual ROW coaching. 

A loving celebratory post from Abigail on the occasion of her son’s 9th birthday.

Sheri shares why she believes counting lossess is crucial for happiness.

Sarah continues her 100 Things I Loves posts with hares coming in at #7.

Lisa Valentine reflects on what ten years of blogging about gratitude has taught her. 

Kristen sets out to answer the question of finding ourselves again after breast cancer on the SBC blog.

What do you understand by the term “breast cancer prevention”? Lisa delves into an article on the topic rin the New York Times.

Chris bitterly laments the steady decline in cancer services with the publication of a new report. 

Shine Cancer Support’s latest podcast episode discusses the long-term impact of cancer and cancer treatment – those “cancer souvenirs” that we often get left with but very often don’t talk about. 

Dr. Timothy Pluard joins host Victoria Goldberg on Our MBCLife‘s Road to a Cure podcast to talk about a novel holistic cancer center model and what it means to treat not only cancer but to care for the whole woman.

Kimberly Albarelli shares her top ten tips with Future Dreams for helping you or a loved one navigate your way through breast cancer.

Finally this week, one last word on stories.

Our stories are immensely valuable. We have so much compassion and wisdom to share.  So please continue to share your stories here.  These stories and compassion have the power to unite us and hold us together in a profound and healing way.

Until next week,

Yours with much love always

Marie xxx