Celebrating #NationalHatDay

Turns out today, January 15th is #NationalHatDay

It feels wonderful to be able to enjoy wearing hats again.

When I was going through chemotherapy I wore woolly hats and beanies to hide my bald head and to keep warm. It was wintertime and without hair on my head, I was constantly cold.

My abiding memory when I was starting to lose my hair was of taking off my hat and finding hanks of hair stuck to the inside.

It would have been easier to mourn the loss of my hair in one fell swoop by shaving my head, but I couldn’t bring myself to do this.

It’s not a matter of vanity.

It’s about holding onto your identity, your normality, your sense of who are.

In the past, my hair had always been the bane of my life and I waged daily battles with it- it was too fine, too flyaway, too ordinary, but ah! I didn’t know the beauty of ordinary then…

So yes, it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy wearing hats again and to find my hair still attached to my head when I take them off!