Weekly Round-Up

Time for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and which I’ve wanted to share with you. Don’t forget if you have written a post which you would like readers to see, just leave a comment below.

Happy Labor Day to our American friends. Want to learn more about why this holiday is celebrated in the US? Head on over to Barbara‘s blog. 

Nancy‘s summer blog hop continues. This week I enjoyed learning more about Julia, and Jennifer.

I confess to being completely captivated by Connie‘s adventures in online dating. This week’s story is another absorbing story. 

A really powerful post from Kristie this week on hair loss – a side effect of treatment that is so often minimized and dismissed by others. 

Hair loss is grieved every single time it happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s happened before. You don’t grieve a loved one or a pet only once. Hair is not human or a beloved pet, but it is a part of you and your identity that is gone.

Have you come across the medical term “extravasation” before? I certainly hadn’t until I read Abigail’s post all about it.

An update from Maureen as she starts treatment with paclitaxel.

A guest post on Surviving Breast Cancer on being your own advocate.  Also on the same theme of advocacy, Martha writes about how patient advocates are pushing for better research into optimal treatment in metastatic breast cancer.

Finally this week, I leave you with a quote from John Lewis via Lisa‘s blog.

“Our actions entrench the power of the light on this planet. 
Every positive thought we pass between us makes room for more li

Until next week,

Keep shining your light

Yours with much love always,

Marie xxx