Poetry Friday

Live with Your Questions

Live silently with your questions.
Sit still for a spell and
For now put aside your yesterday’s moments
With well-deserved tenderness.
These new moment like newborns, feed and
Swaddle them. Rock them in the sweet
rhythm of their slumbering breath.
In this, the only moment
Ever to become the infinite’s
Reply to the direction of your green
Green path, a path with many ways to go
Some trodden upon, some unknown.
You think of
“Nothing” much like an infant you
So carefully love.
Why rush to grow?
They’ll grow regardless of your
Prodding at their sides for politeness or
For prodigy, they in stillness
Will become.
The answers show
Themselves only when you’ve
Forgotten to ask why.
These questions over the course of time become like
Gems beaded onto a
Necklace, weighing you —
Bowing you down
In prayer or in repentance.
Break its clasp
And relinquish all the heaviness to the ground. Bring your head up and open your mouth
To catch the blessed rain on your tongue keeping you silent as your
Lungs feed on the breath of freedom.
Cut the weight from around
Your neck.
Breathe in time with your child
Who knows no answers.
And the coolness of this moment
Unhindered by what should be and
Won’t be again.
Nor will come the answers you
Held out your hands to grab secretly
Like flowers from a garden
That’s not yours to own.

Ilene Kaminsky