Weekly Round-Up

I’m starting off this week with a small ask. I want to put together a list of thoughtful gifts for newly diagnosed cancer patients. What things would you add to this list? Drop your suggestions into the comments here.

Today being Father’s Day – there are some loving tributes from Lisa, Barbara and Kristie.

Regular readers will by now be familiar with Terri Coutee’s superb podcast series, but did you know that she also runs a private Facebook group? The purpose of the group is to inform those who are facing or have had a mastectomy about all their breast reconstruction options and choice. You can learn more about it on Terri’s blog this week.

And still on the topic of podcasts, Our MBC Life’s latest features the voices of those living with MBC and their experiences with palliative care, including its impacts on their physical, mental, and even sexual health.

Nancy shares 6 tips on maintaining your dignity when you are a cancer patient.

A post from Abigail on how tiring it is to be “a forever patient”.

Julia writes about how visualisation helps her get through the tough times.

Marissa expresses her concerns about COVID-19 restrictions being lifted and shares an idea for those who are immunocompromised to indicate their health status.

Super post from Carolyn on why personal stories don’t equate to scientific data.

Ilene shares her thoughts on the new abnormal – Covid, Cancer and the Aftermath of Trauma.

Tips from Cathy to prepare for our next travel adventures when the time comes to take off again.

A post to mark Juneteenth on white privilege and breast cancer on the blog of Surviving Breast Cancer.org.

Chris reports on the findings of an independent survey which set out to answer the question of whether cancer care has worsened due to Covid.

Interested in learning more about lobular breast cancer? Siobhan has information for you on this year’s International Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer Symposium.

As someone who loves poetry but can’t for the life of her write it, I am in awe of those of you who do. Sarah’s latest poetry on her blog is really worth checking it out. Her latest on marriage is really quite wonderful.

A magical post from Susan.

Finally this week, it is with great sadness and shock that I heard the news of the passing of a stalwart of the breast cancer advocacy community, Katherine O’Brien. Many of you will have known Katherine and I am sure share similar feelings of sadness at her loss. This tweet from Martha sums up the presence that Katherine was among us.

Until next week,

Take good care of yourselves and each other

Yours with much love always,

Marie xxx