Weekly Round-Up

“The development of successful vaccines against the virus that causes COVID-19 has shown us what is possible when we put our collective efforts toward it. Similar progress against major cancers including breast cancer is possible too” writes Lisa in her latest post on progress towards a breast cancer vaccine.

Audrey writes this week about social care and vulnerability.

Rod‘s latest post reflects on the stigma men face when they are diagnosed with breast cancer.

A cancer survivor’s day reflection from Megsie.

Tips from Sheri on creating healthy headspace in conflict.

A post from Lara on practising self-care.

Amy shares news about the start of filming for LADY PARTS – a scripted feature film which highlights what it’s like to be a BRCA positive female at high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Episode 12 of Terri’s super podcast series has landed. The theme this week is patient advocacy and health disparities. See also Dee’s latest post on the same topic.

A guest post on Shine on the pressure to be a “good” cancer patient.

Emma shares her story of living with metastatic breast cancer on the METUP UK blog.

Two excellent posts well worth reading from Abigail – one on dealing with triggers and the other on shared decision making.

A very warm welcome back to the blogosphere to Johanna with some very uplifting news.

In case you missed Ilene‘s deep dive into the healing power of writing, head on over to her blog to catch Our MBC Life Podcast episode in which she features. And while you’re there check out her wonderful poetry too.

Kristie has been hiking and healing in Sedona.

A gratitude filled post from Barbara this week. And if you’re in need of some more gratitude inspiration check out Lisa Valentine’s lovely blog filled to the brim with gratefulness.

Steve shares lessons he learned about managing the stress of medical leave and insurance forms.

A hard-hitting post from Sue on the demise of patient engagement.

Delightful story and images on Connie’s blog of taking care of her precious grandsons and reflecting on bittersweet changes.

Finally this week, I leave you with a writing prompt. Feel free to write about it on your blog, or simply leave a comment below.

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