Weekly Round-Up

Time for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and which I’ve wanted to share with you. Don’t forget if you have written a post which you would like readers to see, just leave a comment below.

Over a year into the pandemic dominating our lives. In Ireland, we are still in lockdown – one of the longest lockdowns across the world. I admit to looking on in envy as I read about people traveling, eating out and shopping again.

And yet part of me is ambivalent about the world opening up again.

Honestly, I haven’t missed traveling – mainly because so much of it was business related – but I do miss travel restrictions preventing me seeing friends.

I haven’t missed shopping – well maybe a little, sometimes a little bit of retail therapy lifts the mood – but at the same time, as so many people have observed, we really don’t need to buy more stuff.

I do miss coffee shops – sure you can get a takeaway coffee on every corner these days – but there’s something about the buzz of a coffee shop, the conversation, the smell of coffee that is really quite lovely. I’ve taken to playing ambient coffee shop jazz as I work these days just to re-capture some of that feeling again.

For all these reasons, my friend Terri Wingham’s reflection on getting back to normal really resonates with me:

We can’t go back. And in so many ways, we might not want to. So, what if we could stop trying? What if we could acknowledge whatever we’re feeling right now and just sit in the present with those emotions? We might be optimistic, anxious, grateful, sad…maybe even all of these things wrapped up together. We’ve been through a lot and we’re still going through a lot. Even after the physical and logistical challenges are behind us, the emotional fractures will still need time to heal. And maybe, in the midst of our collective wreckage, we can seize the opportunity to choose what we might want to abandon – and what we want to rebuild.

– Terri Wingham

Nancy marked World Book Day last Friday with a cancer-book themed post, including links to her own books and free resource library.

Chris features a guest post on how cancer challenges relationship.

Connie enjoys her first trip away and a retreat since Covid.

Much of Abigail’s latest writings on hair loss and chemo will resonate with so many of us reading it.

A post from Barbara on making the right choices for your cancer treatment.

Information on her diagnosis of DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ) from Jennifer this week.

Martha discusses her experiences with long-term side effects from cancer treatment and details her frustration with the lack of focus on chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy in patients with advanced cancer.

Cathy’s latest post centers on the topic of self care.

Some great tips from Kristie on how to incorporate exercise in our daily routines.

Siobhan’s latest post asks the question what happens when you ask for Breast Density information?

Finally this week, there’s much to ponder in Ilene’s latest post, but I want so much to share with you this final part

One morning, I lay in bed and the oddest feeling came over me – I could feel about 10 people thinking about me. My phone went off about that many times. Maybe there’s more to it than we can know yet.

But up until today that healing of the collective love of so many was overtaken. I feel so heavy it feels like I’m wearing cement leggings. I’d love to feel that powerful gift again. Maybe it’s a matter of opening up my spirit. Maybe tapping into it again will lighten things up – I hope so.

Let’s do this. Let’s offer up to each other that healing collective love and support. Reach out whether through a call, a DM or a text today to someone. Let them know we’re thinking of them and acknowledge that time’s are hard but we wish each other healing and love.

Until next week,

Marie xxx