Poetry Friday




Maria de Petra Fertilis:

May the praise of rain on stone,

Recall the child lost in the heart’s catacomb.

May the light that turns the limestone white

Remind us that our solitude is bright.

May the arrival of gentians in their blue surprise

Bring glimpses of delight to our eyes.

May the wells that dream in the stone

Soothe the eternal that sleeps in our bone.

May the contemplative mind of the mountain

Assure us that nothing is lost or forgotten.

May the antiphon of ocean on stone

Guide the waves of loneliness home.

May the spirits who dwell in the ruin of Corcomroe

Lead our hearts to the one who is beautiful to know.

Go maire na mairbh agus a mbriongloidi

I bhfoscadh chaoin dilis na Trinoide*

John O’Donohue
From “Conamara Blues”

*May the departed and their dreams ever dwell

In the kind and faithful shelter of the Trinity.