Celebrating Social Media Day #SMDay

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While every day is Social Media Day, June 30th, 2020 marks the eleventh annual official global celebration. 

I’ve been a social media evangelist for the past ten years and I am still as excited by its possibilities today as I  was when I sent my first tweet and wrote my first blog. Not only has it been a source of information and support to me as a patient, but it has led me to embrace a whole new exciting career as a social media writer and trainer.

Before the Internet connected people from every corner of the globe, many patients experienced their illness in isolation. Humans have an innate desire to feel connected with others who live life through similar lenses. The Internet, and social media, in particular, has lessened this sense of isolation. It has shown us how much people are willing to reach out to others to provide advice and support – even to strangers online.

Sending you all a great big virtual hug on this day – I am so happy that social media has brought us together as a community of shared concern and interests; a community that cares.

Below you’ll find some social-media related resources to help you super-charge your own social media presence.