Poetry Friday

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To Say Nothing But Thank You 

​​​​​​​All day I try to say nothing but thank you,
​​​​​​​breathe the syllables in and out with every step I
​​​​​​​take through the rooms of my house and outside into
​​​​​​​a profusion of shaggy-headed dandelions in the garden
​​​​​​​where the tulips’ black stamens shake in their crimson cups.
​​​​​​​I am saying thank you, yes, to this burgeoning spring
​​​​​​​and to the cold wind of its changes. Gratitude comes easy
​​​​​​​after a hot shower, when loosened muscles work,
​​​​​​​when eyes and mind begin to clear and even unruly
​​​​​​​hair combs into place.
​​​​​​​Dialogue with the invisible can go on every minute,
​​​​​​​and with surprising gaiety I am saying thank you as I
​​​​​​​remember who I am, a woman learning to praise
​​​​​​​something as small as dandelion petals floating on the
​​​​​​​steaming surface of this bowl of vegetable soup,
​​​​​​​my happy, savoring tongue.

Jean​​​​​​​ne Lohmann