In Memory of Jan Baird Hasak

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It’s with great sadness that I write of the death of our friend Jan Baird Hasak. Older readers of this blog will remember Jan as a gracious part of our community.

Jan was from California and authored two books Mourning Has Broken: Reflections on surviving breast cancer and The Pebble Path: Returning home from a forest of shadows.

Everyone who knew Jan knew her as a gentle, kind and loving person who bore her illness with great fortitude, dignity, and grace. She had a  strong faith and never complained about the hand that life had dealt her.

I had the pleasure of meeting her twice in person – once when she visited Ireland and the second time when I visited California.  She was every bit the same lovely person in real life as she was in our online encounters. The world is a little less bright without her, but those of us who knew her are lucky to have crossed paths with such a beautiful soul on this journey.