How Much Of Ourselves Should We Reveal Online?


“Writing means revealing oneself to excess” –  Franz Kafka

Occasionally when I write something on this blog, I pause before hitting the “publish” button and wonder have I revealed too much of myself? Have I gone too far when I have written about my struggles with depression, infertility and grief? Does it make me less employable should a potential client decide to Google me?  Will people judge me? Think less of me? Maybe..sometimes… definitely?

So should I stop more often before I hit publish on my blog?

It would be the sensible thing to do. But I write about these things because I truly believe we do each other no favours by pretending that we have it all together. I actually do have it together much of the time. I am hardworking, diligent and reliable, capable of great things…but I am human too. My struggles make me even more so.

When it comes to potential employment, perhaps revealing too much about our state of mind and health is not the sensible thing to do. When it comes to our blogs, it certainly makes for better writing and a better reader experience.

We must decide on our priorities. I am lucky to have reached a stage in my life, when I can say (and write) that this is who I am.  Unfortunately, we all can’t afford this luxury. Sometimes we need to build boundaries around ourselves and be careful how much we reveal. Not everyone will understand the complexities that make up the wonderful person you are.

Do you ever worry you have revealed too much online? Do you hold yourself back for fear of what others might think? I would love to hear your thoughts on this tricky question of how much is too much.