A-Z of Blogging: Y is for Yes #AtoZChallenge


26 posts. 26 days. 26 letters of the alphabet, one blog post beginning with each letter.

Y is for Yes

The penultimate post in my A to Z challenge and I am going to have some fun with this one.  I do hope you’ll join in on today’s post by writing about it on your own blog or simply leaving a comment below.

10 Things To Say Yes To

  1. A goal or dream that excites you.
  2. People who make you laugh.
  3. Rest when you need it.
  4. Sitting in sunlight.
  5. Being in nature.
  6. Nourishing food.
  7. Moving your body.
  8. Bubble baths.
  9. A good book.
  10. Hugs.

How about you? What are some things you feel called to say yes to today?