Tired of Cancer? It’s Time to Get Un-Tired


Has cancer made you tired?

Want to get un-tired?

Then you will want to hear about a new app to help with cancer-related fatigue.

It’s called Untire and it is based on many years of experience in face-to-face therapy and online therapy with hundreds of cancer patients and survivors who suffer from extreme fatigue.

What is Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF)?

I’ve written before about the debilitating effects of cancer-related-fatigue (CRF) on the quality of our lives after cancer. Even after adequate sleep or rest, you still feel tired and unable to do the normal, everyday activities you did before with ease. You experience a persistent, whole-body exhaustion. You may find it hard to concentrate or to engage in your usual activities.

Some symptoms of cancer-related fatigue, according to the American Cancer Society are:

  • A constant feeling of tiredness that doesn’t ever go away or get better
  • Being more tired than usual before, during, or after activities
  • Feeling too tired to perform normal routine tasks
  • Feeling general weakness or lethargy
  • Lacking energy
  • Being tired even after a good night’s sleep
  • Inability to concentrate or focus
  • Inability to remember
  • Being sad, irritable or depressed
  • Easily frustrated or angered
  • Trouble sleeping/insomnia
  • Difficulty moving arms or legs

Why I’m Recommending Untire To You

I get asked, as I know many of you do, to review books, apps, websites and a plethora of cancer-related products, on a regular basis. Only a handful make it past my inbox into my hands for review, and this app is one of them.

The app contains a program that will help you understand your fatigue and will give you tips and exercises to work on your energy level. These tips and exercises are based on proven methods in clinical practice.

What I really liked about the app when I reviewed it is the holistic approach it takes to tackling fatigue – addressing fatigue alongside attendant anxiety, worry, boundaries, sleep, nutrition, self-care, and activity. The app, which has been developed with a team of IT developers, researchers, and cancer specialists in the field of psycho-oncology, uses theories and techniques from scientifically proven cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, positive psychology and physical exercise interventions.

And being a research geek, I like the ongoing academic research that is behind its development (the University of Groningen in The Netherlands is conducting a scientific research into the effectiveness of the Untire app).

You can learn more about the app by watching the video below.

 Untire is available to download and use for free.